josh-whistlerI have been a photographer since I got my first Kodak 110 (hooray for square flashbulbs). I have been a better photographer since I started taking it more seriously in high-school and college. After that, I had a professional photography career shooting Snowboarding, BMX, wakeboarding, products, weddings, and other various editorial, and commercial work. After that, I transitioned into running web-communities by overseeing a million member photography website for 6 years. During that time, I wrote over 100 photography equipment and technique articles. Eventually my interest in web-communities brought me to as a Happiness Engineer. Though I continue to write a few photographic articles for various photography websites and magazines.

Evilphotoeye is a photoblog of images I have made over the years along with my thoughts about and memories of making them. They are not in any particular order and are of a wide variety of subject matter.